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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Affordable Affluence in Torquay

As the day grow shorter and the number of tramps grows more numerous there are still some things to feel good about in the bay. quite a few really, so many that Torquay comes in at number 16 on the RBS Affordable Affluence Index.


  • Does it not strike you as, well, amusing, that a blog entitled "Torbay Life" seems to have had no input for a year? I live close by (near Totnes) and find the moribund nature of your blog symbolises very neatly the character of Torbay; I'm reminded of Bill Bryson's description of Des Moines as having a sign at the city limits which reads, "Welcome to Des Moines. This is what death is like."
    It's a weird, schizophrenic, kitschy, depressing cultural desert! How can you stand it?

    By Anonymous Malcolm Stevas, at 8:54 pm  

  • Can't speak for Chris or David, but while I do love visiting the place still, I moved to London last year and am now in Yorkshire.

    But, y'know, having been born in Paignton but being from Kingsbridge stock, I'm honour bound to point out that someone in Totnes describing anywhere else as kitschy ought to examine the colour of their pot ;-)

    By Blogger MatGB, at 9:01 pm  

  • I wonder if you know what the word means.. I'm not in Totnes but live nearby, and feel no particular need to defend its reputation. I'm not a native Devonian - though my son is. I'm very familiar with both Torbay, and Totnes/the South Hams. I get around a bit, most of my work being elsewhere. I've lived in lots of places. So, you were born in Paignton - somebody has to, I suppose. So could you describe Paignton in particular, or even Torbay in general, as an oasis of sophistication, of cultural enlightenment - ? Nothing personal, but I think of Paignton as prole HQ... Totnes might have more than its fair share of wackos, and it's funny-hat HQ, but at least there are lots of people with ideas, and there's a fair amount of culture around. I'm not sure there's even a proper bookshop anywhere in Torbay... My original question still stands: so if you want to defend the concept of "Torbay Life," defend it. With evidence and argument.

    By Anonymous Malcolm Stevas, at 11:47 pm  

  • What on earth gave you the impression I didn't know the meaning of the word?

    Won a prize on a game show for knowing what 'K' the German for trash was I'll have you know.

    But given you're obviously trolling on a blog you've already observed is defunct, I think given I've left the area that I'll pass on your demand to defend the area. Growing population and highest population density in Devon means someone likes the place.

    Go find someone else to wind up, or at least learn to read and/or find a yellow pages

    There are several bookshops in the area, just FYI. If there hadn't been my move would've required far fewer boxes.

    By Blogger MatGB, at 12:57 am  

  • Instant accusations of being a "troll" are commonly observed among people/blogs/weblists who feel unduly threatened, or sensitive...
    Actually, I posted because I was surprised to find a blog apparently originating in Torbay.
    "Kitsch" is simply inaccurate as a descriptor of Totnes, whereas it applies with purest accuracy to large parts of Torbay - the amusement arcades, for instance.
    Where are these Torbay bookshops, then? Totnes has the Dartington bookshop, not paralleled to the best of my knowledge in Torbay, plus (OTTOMH)2-3 decent s/h bookshops (used to be 4-5) - that sell proper books, as opposed to the reams of trashy blockbusters one might find in Torbay equivalents. And of course Totnes is adjacent to, and deeply intertwined with, Dartington. Come on, admit you're on a hiding to nothing! Culture (interpreted broadly) in Torbay? You're kidding!

    By Anonymous Malcolm Stevas, at 1:09 pm  

  • For what it is worth, I love the peace and tranquility of Torbay. As for "no input for a year", in general, specific posts on community sites, other than the popular Facebooks, are found between the cracks, hence very limited input, if any.
    God bless you all ...and Torbay.

    By Anonymous Spencer Courtis, at 6:59 am  

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